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Principal's Message

SandyAlawa Primary School enjoys an excellent reputation in the northern suburbs. It has a tradition of achievement in academic, cultural and sporting activities. Alawa is on a continual journey of school improvement; this journey ensures the academic and intellectual rigour of the learning programs maintain their high standard.

Our school community’s vision facilitates our emergence as a learning organisation within a learning community that responds in innovative ways to the educational needs of all. Children are the starting point and focus for our strategy about the future of the school – what they should know, understand, value and be able to do as a result of the education we provide.

The teaching and learning programs at Alawa are planned to cater for the individual; their needs, learning styles and interests. At Alawa, we put student learning outcomes first and have very high expectations of achievements. We see our role as empowering our students through helping them to gain knowledge – knowledge of facts, skills, processes and attitudes. Knowledge of skills that they will need to acquire if they are truly to be life long learners.

We have a clear focus on lifelong learning outcomes for students, which is underpinned by an environment of positive behaviour support based on clear expectations about behaviour in and around the school: respect, encouragement, personal best and pride.

The school has a ‘no tolerance’ policy for bullying and harassment in line with the Safe Schools NT Framework. There is an expectation that all staff, parents and students respect the rights of others at all times. We encourage your support in this policy.

It is my belief that you are a critical part of your child’s education at school. You are your child’s first teacher and I encourage you to continue the next part of the learning journey with the school. I believe in an open door policy and encourage you to be curious about what is happening in the school environment. There are many ways you can be involved in the school, including attending and being part of School Council, helping out with the occasional working bee and assisting in many different ways in the classrooms. I would encourage you to get to know your child’s teacher. Feel free to make an appointment to see them or stop by as you drop your child off at school.

I look forward to working with you and your family over the coming year.

Sandy Cartwright


Alawa’s vision is to:

  • Build positive and productive relationships across the school community
  • Model and develop social skills, co-operatively and collaboratively
  • Establish developmental learning groups that have high expectations
  • Use a range of teaching and learning approaches to ensure all students’ needs are catered for
  • Utilise ICT as a learning tool for the 21st century across all learning areas
  • Provide a practical opportunity for students to learn and implement their skills and promote health and science through the Alawa Farm and kitchen garden program

Alawa’s values are:

  • Respect
  • Encouragement
  • Pride
  • Personal Best

These values are integral to the way we work, act and communicate, both as students and staff. Our school aims to cater for the full spectrum of our unique student cohort.

Alawa Primary School is located in the northern suburbs of Darwin. The school caters for children from Preschool (who can start at the beginning of a school year provided they turn 4 by the 30th June) to Year 6. 

Alawa was established in 1970. In 2006, a $2.1 million project opened called Stage 1. Classrooms were designed to enhance our vision of modern, engaging learning spaces. In 2008, we designed a $2 million special purpose Early Years wing to enable us to offer a vibrant play-based learning environment.

Alawa Primary School has built upon its reputation and successfully developed programs to meet the current needs of our diverse students and develop skills for their future. This website is a window into our innovative programs, policies and practices, as well as a celebration of our achievements.

Alawa School Song

School song

Alawa School Song words

School song

Staff and Classes

At Alawa we take pride in having a very high quality, professional team including various specialists.


Senior Staff

Class Teachers

Specialist Team

Admin Team

Classroom Support Team

  • Fiona
    Fiona Daun
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    Joan Johnstone
  • Lisa
    Lisa Pepper
  • Nellie
    Nellie McLean
  • Jane
    Jane Figg
  • Tania
    Tania Goldthorpe
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    Rebekah Trezise
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    Joanne Neal


Maintenance Team

Casuarina Education Precinct

Alawa is a member of the Casuarina Education Precinct (CEP).

The 9 schools in the Casuarina Education Precinct work closely together to build a collaborative professional learning community that promotes excellence in public education through the stages of schooling.

Values: Our values guide the decisions and behaviours of all members of our educational community.

Inclusion: Our precinct is built upon an ‘inclusive value system’ and is committed to the learning and development of everyone in our school community.

Excellence: We strive for the highest achievement in all aspects of education, community action, work and life-long learning.

Belonging: We value the development of relationships that build a sense of ownership and belonging to our precinct and to our schools for the enhancement of successful learning.

Pride: We recognise and value the self-esteem and pride resulting from individual and group achievement earned by striving for betterment.

View the Casuarina Education Precinct strategic plan


  • Paediatrician
  • US Marines
  • Speech & OT therapy
  • Nemarluk
  • CDU